SONIC Breakfast Brief

What’s the problem?

People don’t know that SONIC serves breakfast. In fact, only 1% of SONIC’s new markets are aware that SONIC has breakfast items. On top of that, our existing messaging about breakfast, Morning Drink Stop, makes no mention of serving food either. But just shouting “SONIC has breakfast!” isn’t going to be enough. A recent Mintel report on breakfast says “The sheer number of chains launching breakfast menus or revitalizing existing breakfast menus means the breakfast competition between restaurants is fierce. Because consumers have so many choices for breakfast, it is important for brands to differentiate their breakfast menu from competitors.”

In short, there’s nothing about SONIC’s breakfast that gives people a reason to break their existing breakfast routine.


What’s the insight?

Breakfast looks different for everyone. For workers after the night shift, breakfast is a frozen cherry limeade and a cheeseburger after the end of a long night. For moms, breakfast might be sipping a smoothie and enjoying the first moment of quiet after dropping kids off at school. For contractors breaking for lunch at 10:00am, breakfast is an ultimate chicken club and an iced coffee. Every American’s mornings look different -- so why does breakfast have to look the same?


What does SONIC have that no other QSR does?

SONIC is built unlike any QSR. SONIC is built for flexibility.

Sure McDonald’s has all day breakfast, but at SONIC, you can order an ultimate chicken club for breakfast, jalapeno poppers for lunchtime, or boneless wings for an evening treat.


What’s the strategy?

SONIC’s got all day anything because mornings look different for everyone.

SONIC is open in the A.M. with whatever you need during breakfast time.